Create the perfect engagement photograph for your wedding invitation.

Well, Spring is here and I can’t wait to get outside and work in the garden! That means I get to have lettuce and kale at lunch yay! Spring also means that engagement season is here. So with all those engagement photographs brides and grooms are starting to think about designing invitations for Summer weddings! I would like to walk you through some tips for capturing great photographs and also for choosing one for your invitation after you have received your online gallery.
1. Capture a wide range of poses. As a photographer, I’m always looking to capture a wide variety of poses during the engagement session. I make sure I have a few key portrait shots but I like to have a few with the bride and groom looking right at the camera as well as candid photos. This is a classic pose that is a must.
2. Use different locations. I like to also use two different locations during the engagement session. This ensures a wide variety of backgrounds and also the lighting will naturally be different.
3. Leave space around the photograph. I like to compose photographs leaving negative space at the top or at the sides for text later on with the invitation.
4. Compare notes. When your gallery of final images is delivered it can feel overwhelming to choose just one for your invitation. Sometimes it’s good to narrow it down to your favorite images and then compare notes with your fiance. Sometimes having two different viewpoints can be really wonderful in finding the right images.
5. Start your design. whether you’re using an online company like Green Envelope, Punchbowl, or Paperless Post, try out your favorite images with your invitation design you may find one that really works. Some companies like Green Envelope you can edit everything from text color pattern envelope every detail is customizable. Even the envelope liner!
6. Consult Family If you’re still undecided sometimes it’s good to get some other opinions from family or from close friends. Ultimately though it’s your choice sometimes you have to go with your intuition, after all it’s your wedding day!
Hopefully, these tips will help you be on your way to solving the invitations for your wedding. I am here to help if you are still in need of an engagement photographer! Drop me a note here and I would be happy to talk!