My Top 5 Reasons to have an engagement session

When my wife and I had our engagement session we did not quite know what to expect. We loved our photographers work and the location, Portsmouth NH, but I was now on the other side of the lens so this was an unusual feeling for me as a photographer. After the first half hour or so we began to have fun naturally and we had a great session as we walked the cobblestone streets of Portsmouth at sunset, stopping when there was an interesting location for a quick photo or two. The engagement session lasted about an hour and a half, and in the end, we were overjoyed and felt more comfortable with our photographer and the way he worked.  Sometimes the best way to great photographs is to spend time and visit locations that are meaningful. For us, Portsmouth was close to my wife’s family in Portland Maine, and for me, it was special since my father and I would travel here in route to Star Island in the summer. Now when my wife and I travel to Maine and cross the bridge in Portsmouth we have this wonderful memory of our engagement session. Enough of me. Let’s look at the top Five reasons to have your engagement session and create some wonderful memories for you!

Reason #1: The engagement session is that time where we get to know each other(photographer and couple), and where I get to see the two of you for the first time in front of the camera and begin to tell your story.

Reason #2: Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. (I know I feel totally awkward and unnatural when a camera is pointed at me) Your engagement sessions give me a chance to show you that it really is a lot of fun and there is no reason to be nervous at all.  For your engagement session you need to be prepared to: have fun, laugh, kiss and just be in love with each other, I will take care of the rest!

Reason #3: Your wedding day is a BIG day! Consider your engagement session your practice time for your big day! Working with me before your wedding will put you at ease for the many pictures taken on your wedding day, and it can be great fun as well!

Reason #4: Your engagement is such a special time in your life,  it is a new chapter in your love story.  You deserve to document this part of your story just as much as the next.

Reason #5:  Your engagement session is totally unique to you, just like your wedding.  No two are the same.  I always urge my couples to add elements of “who they are” to the session to make it special.  This is a chance for you to truly show who you are and what you love to do together. From the location to any props or little details added to the pictures, it is totally about you.  You are in love, you are engaged, you are getting married!!!!!

Remember the engagement sessions are included with every package at Rob Skinner Photography! Contact me for available dates. Thanks